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Zakynthos Town

Zakynthos Town

Zakynthos is located at the base of the hill of Bochali and it is at the same time chief town and main port of the island.
After the earthquake that in 1953 destroyed the city the reconstruction works began and now it looks like a modern city to the tourist, a city that is expanding toward the inland because of the many activities that are there developing.

Zakynthos offers many interesting things to the visitor such as the famous church of San Dionisio, that keeps the relics of the saint, the numerous museums and the characteristic squares of D. Solomos and Saint Mark; this one dated back to the Venetian period and with the only one catholic church of the island.
Besides the seafront (marine road) and the small internal streets of the city there is a very interesting borough around the ruins of the ancient Venetian castle located at the top of the hill of Strani at the back of the city.
Here the tiny and silent alleys, the old houses with the courtyard with flowers and the enchanting landscape dominating the bay of the city of Zakynthos will make your holiday unique and unforgettable.
In Zakynthos it is possible to find out snack bars, traditional taverns, luxury restaurants, roof gardens and fast food.
There is a huge choice for dinner and the bars and pubs to have a drink are many especially along the seafront and in Saint Mark and Solomos squares.
It is lovely to stroll along the city streets and if you want to stay out late at night soon outside Zakynthos towards Argasi, there are disco pubs offering music till late at night